Ride The Lobster - 00km International Unicycle Race - 16-20th June 2008 - Nova Scotia, Canada
Comments 800km International Unicycle Race - 16-20th June 2008 - Nova Scotia, Canada
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Here is a selection of some of the comments from all over the world we have received from the Ride The Lobster interest form:

Meet people. Unique experience. See Canada. Push myself to the limit.
See the East Coast. I have never been past Quebec City yet. And get a big UNI ride in. Moab MUni Fest has been fun so I think this will be as good or better. Good motivator to train for distance too.
To have fun, and I've never ridden a lobster before :)
Looks like a totally fun event, plus I grew up in Nova Scotia and my parents live there.
I'll ride the Mediterranean Unicycle Tour next summer, in a month I'll leave to Canada for a year , 2 common points that tell a lot!!
The challenge!
Look so much fun. I just want to live the experience. Look like a unique competition. Thanks for organizing it
I want to be on a team that has a lot of fun and enjoys unicycling and Nova Scotia and Lobster and fitness and June and doing something wacky like long-distance unicycling.
To ride the back roads of Nova Scotia
It feels like the right thing to do and I need a unicycling goal!
We have been wanting to participate since we where first in December of 2006. We have started to train.
For the fun of it. I enjoy riding and wouldn't mind a trip to the east coast.
Because I think it will be a really awesome event. It will be nice to get most of the uni community together and ride and hang together.
This is a unmissable event! I want to test myself against top unicyclist from around the world.
I've wanted to do a unicycle tour for ages.  And this one is actually in Canada!!  I love hanging out with the riders who do this sort of event.  I've always wanted to see more of Nova Scotia and what a good way this would be.
Actually, I'm allergic to shell fish, but there is no way I can miss a unicycle event of this magnitude this close to home.
I got my first Coker when I was 12 yrs. old. I'm now 14 and have been taking my riding more serious this past summer. Although I have yet to hook up with a team, I have begun training.
RTL sounds like an awesome opportunity, I've been riding unicycles for 5 years and have had a Coker for the last 2 years.  I enjoy riding long distances and this is the perfect opportunity to challenge myself.
I have been unicycling for the past 3 or 4 years.  I have always liked to watch the Tour de France and I used to dream of going in it and how fun it would be. But this race is the equivalent to it on a unicycle. It couldn't be better. I think it will be a challenging race but I  like challenges and I think it will be a blast!
Not really to race, but to take part in an awesome unicycle event!
I started riding distance rides last winter and ever since I have wanted to take on something epic.
Why not?  I gotta ride the uni
My wife and I toured Nova Scotia on bicycles in the 80s (as well as Quebec, New Brunswick and PEI), and we would love to see it again. And I am stoked on long distance Cokering - just got my new frame in the mail yesterday!
looks like the opportunity of a lifetime. I love the east coast and want a good excuse to go back and also to meet interesting people (like unicyclists)
For the fun and the challenge
For the adventure! and to use this event to spread unicycling in Denmark. The promotion can be made real big. It will be a great timing right before the UNICON here.  It will be a cool way to see Canada.
I love to ride my Coker and I won't miss this competition and the opportunity to be challenged. And of course I won?t miss the opportunity to meet a lot of riders from all over the world :-)
It looks like a wonderful and challenging event!  I only started unicycling five days ago, but I feel this is really something I can become good at. Might be I wont have time to get properly trained to be worthy to compete, but I will still be there. Just for the atmosphere!
I want to:  1.ride with different unicyclists  2.challenge myself  3.sightsee
For money...    Just laughing, I enjoy 36" riding and in France it's very rare, most of the time, you have to organize it...  So that why I want to meet other unicyclist...  I also enjoy to push myself during tournament.
Sound very exciting before I'm getting too old. :o(
Racing long distance... Why wouldn't you want to go?
Great time with good friends, an amazing experience in life and we have to show that the Germans are the fastest rider.
To be part of it
It's a once in a life time event! hope not! It would be on every television and newspaper in our area
It's going to be a great challenge, a great experience. I'm looking forward to it.
because it would be a great experience to ride this race and this would also be a good promotion for unicycling in the Netherlands
The experience of riding with 60 of the world's top coexists over some scenic roads really appeals to me.
I love unicycling. Since I am still a student, international events are often out of the question due to available funds. This is a great chance to go over seas and meet like-minded people while doing what I love.
To eat lobster
Great experience expected!!!  Full team assembled.
looks interesting, would love to be able to try out something funky like this, ... I LOVE CANADA!!! (well, actually, let's tone it down, and say "i like".... ;))
Because it sounds like a lot of fun, and seems well organized enough to be worthy of my time ;) The prize money is way down the list, to be honest
I enjoy challenges, and long distance riding (sofar only on 2 wheels though).
Because I love long distance unicycling and endurance competitions.
Long distance, competitive unicycle road-racing, and lots of it.  I love long fast Coker riding with great scenery - this sounds brilliant!  I've not managed to go to a Unicon yet, and would love to meet more international unicyclists too.
Great opportunity and unique event.  Excuse/motivation to get some training in
It's Cokering - what else do you need to know?
Awesome scenery, good company, fantastic experience.
Just interested in following progress.
A different challenge to a 24hr race, with the benefit of not being passed by bikes at regular intervals. The opportunity to meet more riders from around the world.
I probably can't, just want to be on the mailing list in case I suddenly get a lot richer and fitter.
For the views, the experience, to meet some of the best distance unicyclists in the world... Not to mention it looks like the most ambitious and potentially amazing unicycling event to date!
To meet and ride with/against some of the best distance riders in the World.
The race itself sounds pretty special, and it's a part of the world I've never been and would like to see.
I want to rise to the challenge of this grueling event, meet loads of other like-minded nutters and see this beautiful part of the world, while I am still young enough to compete.
Looks too good to miss
It sounds like a nice ride in the country.  ;-)
I love following the reports of uni-tourists on unicyclist.com, but all the recent major tours have been too far away and expensive for me to even think about competing in. This looks like a great opportunity to see a part of the world I would not have otherwise visited, and to have fun unicycling at the same time.
1.  My grandfather is from Nova Scotia, and I've never been there but have always wanted to visit.    2.  I've done distance riding on my bicycles in the past, so I'm thrilled that I finally feel competent enough to cover longer distances on a unicycle now that I've been a unicyclist for two years.
everyone else is doing it...
I love unicycling and endurance sports, and I've been wanting to go to Nova Scotia. The Lobster is perfect!
How could I possibly miss this!?!!
WHY NOT!!!  A chance to ride in a foreign country eating like no tomorrow, count me in!
I think it would be great to take my distance Coker to the next level.
Sounds like a lot of fun!  I've never  been to that area, and would look forward to seeing it.  Doing a long unicycle ride on a team would make it even more fun!
3 years ago a while riding my unicycle in the woods a big booming voice told me, "Jess, there is a task you must do"    "What's that?"  I replied.    "You must ride the lobster when the time is right.  That is all."    Ever since that time in the woods, I have been waiting for my calling.     The time is ripe.
1. I love new things and adventure. 2. Have a warm spot in my heart for Canada -- I'm one of the rare Americans who can name the Canadian provinces and capital :-)    3. I think Unicycling is GREAT -- I just started a year ago -- so I can inspire others that it's never too late.    4. I want to bring some FUN to the event -- I plan to have be DJing while I ride ;-)  You'll see
sounds great
As described, it will be an unprecedented, historic event in the development of unicycling as a sport. I like being around for those.
For the glory
Sounds like a once in a lifetime experience! Great way to see Canada and meet new cool people.
Like long endurance events and I ride a unicycle
Cross Country Unicycling is a passion of our University's unicycling team.  We ride the Hilly Hundred tour every year.  We all enjoy seeing new territory and riding it.
This sounds like both a great challenge and a great opportunity to get together with the community of other long-distance unicyclists in a beautiful part of the world.
I would like to get into distance and meet famous unicyclists
Its time to start doing some more serious long distance riding.
Long distance riding is a lot of fun.  I ride my Coker everywhere already, and definitely  want to push my limits.
I would like to go to this race because, I'm very much into long distance riding whether on a unicycle or a bike which I just road a 180 mile ride on my bike this past July. I know its not a unicycle but I have the drive to do much more on a unicycle. I have always watch bike races and wondered if there would ever be a unicycle race with a good distance ride other than the race which is held for NAUCC. So I hope that I will be included in this ride.
I'm still a newbie rider, (and also oldie), but distance riding is a primary interest.  I plan to get a big wheel of some kind very soon, and if a miracle occurs and I find myself fit and ready for rides like this I'd seriously want to join in...but it's a big dream so for now I just want to keep in touch with developments.
Tour the Area, Meet other distance riders.
It sounds like a once in a lifetime event! Plus, unicyclists are always fun to hang around with.
Looks interesting, even though I'm allergic to lobster. I mean I don't break out if I touch them, there are kinda cute, I just can't eat the things.
To win!
I've been Cokering for about 4 years, year-round in Minnesota. Winter 2006 (Jan.) I completed a 2day1hr sub-freezing 200 mi. x-ing of Minnesota on a stock Coker. Vet of multi-week bicycle tours, Cat 4 track racer, frequent alleycat racer - I follow Euro-pro cycling pretty closely so I'm stoked by this notion of a uni stage race. Whats more - I've never visited Nova and I have spousal approval(!) who's a potential support person too. Love to Coker, travel and race - good combination!
This sounds fabulous!  It would be phenomenal to be part of such a large gathering of people who also love to ride long distances.  It will be fascinating watching the team dynamics as people struggle through this feat.  Plus, I'd love to see Nova Scotia!
Tour de Lobster baby! Biggest organized distance uni ride, I've gotta be there in some manner.
Sounds like an incredibly great ride.  Unicycling + incredible scenery + competitive juices flowing sounds like great fun.  Not sure I could get into that kind of shape soon enough (only been riding a month), but even being a support driver would be awesome.
Love long distance unicycling, love my 36'er, love the competition, and would love to be a part of a unicycling event as grand as this.
Just love unicycling. Is it enough?
fun challenge
I've done some big hill climbs and charity rides in the Northeast US and I've been looking for a good goal to train for.  Just doing the 70km back-to-back qualifier is a great goal for me.  The race will be an even greater goal.    My wife and I have been to Nova Scotia before and this is a perfect excuse to go back w/the kids.
It sounds like a great ride! The racing aspect should make it fun, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing a new part of the world.
Because I love everything to do with one wheel; traveling, sounds awesome.
I enjoy adventure and endurance sports. I have never been to Nova Scotia.  I think this would be a great way to share unicycling with the rest of the world and help legitimize the sport.  And I love lobster
Travel and unicycling are two of my favorite activities.  I love to participate in organized biking and running races and trips, but a unicycle race will be even better.  
This event sounds like an immense amount of fun.    This race may be the reason I'm on this planet.    I love to ride.  Human power is the way to go.  I haven't yet raced my uni, but have raced mountain bikes (rigid single speed or fixed gear most of the time) for several years including some endurance racing (typically on a team) and even participated in the 2005 Single speed World Championship.  Last winter I got a KH 29 uni and it has become my main commuter and off road steed.
Unicycling is a family affair for us. Ride the Lobster provides a great opportunity to unite 2 generations of unicyclists from across the United States, meet fellow unicyclists from around the world, and explore the fascinating region of Nova Scotia. 
I love competition with plenty of physical and mental challenge.  This ride seems to have it all, and on my favorite racing method to boot! 
I want to meet and compete against the best distance riders in the world.
Just to ride.
Puh-leeze... :)  I want to go for the challenge of the contest, the chance to tour in an area I've never visited, and the quality hang with the world's most committed distance riders.
I like long distance riding (did the Seattle to Portland last year) and my daughter might be able to join the team. Plus I'm Canadian.
I could actually get in shape to do this.
For a challenge and fun
It is getting popular in Korea, so RTL is good chance to get the level up in Korea.
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
cuz some bad-ass chica had better represent the other half of the human race, so why not let it be me.   And it sounds like an amazing, unbeatable experience.
For fun!
To share in the pain of this epic uni event.
Because I think it would be a really great experience.
Nice challenge, even more beautiful scenery, meeting other unicyclists and a lot more.  Oh and there's no one from Poland yet registered! :-)
I love everything about it.
To represent Nova Scotia and I REALLY want to go....Oh, and I REALLY, REALLY want to go.!!!
To be a part of this ground breaking event, to see a new place and to hopefully provide some good competition.
Why Not?
Because its there!
Another avenue of uniycle that I would like to try out.  Plus Nova Scotia is so friendly and beautiful (get to relive my honeymoon days).
It's a good way to promote unicycling!
Done marathons and triathlons for years. Uni'ing is way more fun.
To be part of a cool event, to connect with other riders, and to say "I did it"